This collaboration between the District and the Task Force to design, implement, and oversee the pilot efforts will help create transparency and accountability.

The District spends approximately $40 million on programs that are specifically designed to reduce student absenteeism. It needs to measure the efficacy of these programs – investing in what works and eliminating what doesn’t.

Work with community and business leaders, sports and entertainment figures, and civic groups to spread the word that kids belong in school so that every parent, student, and neighbor knows why attending school is important.

Target at-risk students and their caregivers with direct mail, text messages, phones banks and neighborhood canvassing. The District needs to reach out early and often to get students to class.

Provide individual schools with a cash bonus when they reach their attendance goals. The principals at these schools can use the money how they want to benefit students.

These counselors will work with students and families most in need to help identify and remove barriers that prevent students from attending school.